Places to Visit Based on Yogyakarta Weather

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Places to Visit Based on Yogyakarta Weather

With the rapid growth of modernization, the demands for perfection are increasing in our society, thus increasing the stress for everyone. To help them stay sane in this insane world, going on a short trip out of the city becomes a great choice. Yogyakarta can be considered as the best destinations to relieve your stress. Located in a tropical country, Yogyakarta weather is mostly very humid and the sunshine always shine brightly. This is a perfect destination for a sun-seeker.

Yogyakarta offers a lot activities and places to be visited. The following list are some of the activities and places you can explore, especially considering Yogyakarta weather in February.

  • Having a flying fox: every year, the tourist attraction in Yogyakarta is steadily increasing. Ecotourism Greens Village located at Gunung Kidul offers a 625 meter flying fox that become the longest flying fox in South East Asia. This activity will surely pump out your adrenaline and is the best choice for those who love adventures.
  • Visiting Ullen Sentalu Museum: this museum is a place where you can learn the origin of Javanese culture. The exhibitions that are provided in this museum show different parts of the culture, such as old paintings, old pictures of Yogyakarta, the traditional batik pattern, and even collections of letter from one of the most respected princess of Yogyakarta Kingdom. A tour guide will explain every aspect of this museum and this place is very well organized. Using camera is prohibited unless on the certain photo spots in the museum to protect the originality of the contents.
  • Enjoying scenery at Kalibiru National Park: this place is very popular among Instagram users due to the beautiful sceneries that are offered. Back then, there was only one viewpoint in this national park. But recently, a lot of new viewpoints are emerging. The shape of the viewpoints are also very unique, starting from simple platform made from woods attached to a large tree to heart-shaped platform. The best time to visit this place is early morning or evening. It also offers outdoor activities such as zip lining. You may want to avoid visiting on the weekend because this place is very packed during that time.
  • Hiking the legendary Merapi Volcano: as one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Merapi volcano becomes a popular mountain to be climbed. However, the trek is pretty tough, so, for those who have a weak physical ability are not suggested to do this activity. But if you love mountain climbing, this mountain will be a great challenge on your skill. There are also other mountains you can climb in Yogyakarta, such as Lawu and Merbabu.
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Those activities that are only a small part of so many things that you can do in Yogyakarta. Short vacations are surely not enough to cover all the activities that are offered by this beautiful city. Nevertheless, this city will still give you a great experience and memories that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

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