The Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

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The Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Are you ready  to explore all of what the exciting city of Tokyo has to offer?  If you are looking for someplace to stay, then you need to book a room at The Park Hyatt Hotel is located in Tokyo, Japan inside the Shinjuku Park Tower. Just what makes this hotel so special?  Here is more information on why the Park Hyatt should be where you stay for your visit to Japan.

The best place to stay:  Are you in the mood for little luxury? Do you want to be pampered? We offers luxury and so much more the moment you enter this beautiful hotel.  Known for its architecture and sense of style, the Park Hyatt offers works of art and cuisine from the best chefs in the world.

For lovers of fine wine:  From January to September, the Park Hyatt offers wine lovers an opportunity to savor fine wine.  With special events that cover the coming of the different seasons, the Park Hyatt gives wine lovers that chance to experience a glass of wine that truly turns wine into a much celebrated form of art.

Where every guest is treated like royalty:  Customer service takes on a whole new meaning when you stay at the Park Hyatt.  The specially trained staff will cater to you and your every need.  At the Park Hyatt, every employee goes above and beyond to see to it that the every guest receives the best service possible.

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Find peace and relaxation at the spa:  Need some time to rest and recuperate? Do you want to get a nice relaxing facial or a massage that will ease any stress you may be experiencing?  The Park Hyatt has a spa that will take you away to relaxing place that will help you feel like yourself again.

The best room you will ever stay in:  With large comfortable beds and stunning views, the Park Hyatt offers guests rooms with everything you will need.  There is 24 hour room service available, free high speed internet, and a newspaper delivered right to you every morning.  Whether you want to watch television while enjoying a drink from the wet bar, or taking a nice hot bath, you will feel right at home in one of these beautiful rooms.

Planning to take a trip to Tokyo and you’re not sure which hotel to stay in?  Do you want to stay in a beautiful luxurious hotel with fine dining and a nice view?  The Park Hyatt Tokyo is ready and waiting to make your trip to Japan one that you will never forget.

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