The Sandy Lane Hotel in St. James, Barbados

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The Sandy Lane Hotel in St. James, Barbados

When picking a hotel there are several things that people prioritize. These include the quality of service and convenience. With this factors in mind, by picking Sandy lane hotel you are guaranteed not to go wrong. It is a haven of tranquility and offers the best services available.

Its location makes it ideal for a person to get peace and quiet and reflect on life in the most relaxed way. One of the things that it is famous for is its 5 star services. They treat each visitor like a king and ensure that one’s stay there is comfortable. They make visitors feel at home.

They have multiple guest rooms and suites which are spacious and extremely comfortable. The ocean rooms are airy and overlook the beautiful crescent beach. They are so close to the beach that one can decide to take a stroll on the perfect sand across the warm waters and feel the breeze of the Caribbean Sea.

The interior is outstanding. The décor is appealing and everything is made of the finest quality. The rooms have been well designed and will make a visitor to never want to leave due to its comfortability. The rooms are well lit and will make you feel relaxed and are appropriate for any occasion.

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The hotel does not compromise when it comes to fine dining. They have the perfect match of exceptional cuisine. It has four restaurants that serve delicacies from all around the world. Each meal is a delight, which has been prepared by world class chefs.

There are multiple bars that are located around the hotel. They have been strategically placed so as to make them conveniently located for visitors. They have been well designed and capture the ambience of the Caribbean. The beach bars have all the drinks that a visitor may desire and they also mix cocktails that are refreshing and perfectly blended together.

An impressive component of the hotel is the wine cellar. They know how much people value wine, and the experience that one gets from drinking fine wine. There wine menu features more than 2,000 bottles. They also have strong representation from the different wineries. This is the old and new world wineries. The selection of wine will offer a perfect choice for accompanying the fine dining cuisine. The spa at the hotel is amazing. You are guaranteed an experience like no other. The treatments are adopted from traditions from all across the globe.

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