Pushkar Camel Fair – What to Know Before You Go

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Pushkar Camel Fair - What to Know Before You Go

Pushkar Travel Tourism – Whenever we think of Rajasthan, forts and festivals are the two things that immediately flash into our minds. The famed Pushkar Camel Fair lake is surrounded by hills on three sides and by sand dunes on the fourth. This is the very site where Pushkar fair Tourism is held every year in the month of October-November Pushkar Tourism Rajasthan. For a small place like Pushkar, it has a bewildering 400 temples and has to its distinction the only known Brahma Temple in the world. Understandably, it is considered a sacred town by the Hindus.

The Holy Lake

Pilgrims can be seen anytime taking a dip in the lake. Although you can join the people at the lake, you have to be sensitive towards their feelings. For example, you need to remove your shoes before approaching the lake Pushkar Fair Tour Package. It is widely believed that a dip in the lake purifies the devotees. Many ghats have been constructed approaching the lake.


A dip in the Pushkar Tourism Rajasthan is believed to wash away all the sins of the devotees. It is also believed that for five days in a year, all the Gods visit Pushkar to bless the devotees. That explains the crowd of the devotees in Pushkar. At around the same time, the famous Pushkar cattle fair is also held. Pushkar Travel Tourism finds mention in almost every epic of repute such as Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Ramayana, and Mahabharata.

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The Legend

It is said that when Brahma’s children were killed by the demon Vajra Nabha, he retaliated with a lotus flower. The demon was killed right away and the petals of the lotus fell at three places. The town of Pushkar camel fair is one of them where a lake came up. It is said that Brahma performed a sacrifice at the lake on Kartik Purnima which sanctified the place.

The Fair

Pushkar Tourism Rajasthan – Come the Hindi month of Kartik and camels and devotees alike assemble at the holy city of Pushkar. The camels amble across the desert with ease as if they were dressed in casuals. Numerous other animals also come to attend the animal fair. Devotees take their holy dip in the lake all day long and entire town starts reverberating with the ringing of bells in the evening. As the fair nears its end, the commercial activity decreases and people begin to indulge in fun and frolic Pushkar Fair Tourism.

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