Espace Henri Chenot, Merano in Italy

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Espace Henri Chenot, Merano in Italy

The Espace Henri Chenot is a health center based in the Palace Merano and nestled in the beautiful mountains of Italy. It is the site where Henri Chenot discovered his famous health and wellness techniques of using Biontology to promote general health and fight against aging.

This five star resort, built in 1906, provides a tranquil atmosphere for recovery and relation. Spacious luxury rooms overlook peaceful mountains, a beautiful park, and quiet gardens. Guests of all nationalities enjoy a unique Italian experience and pampering provided by only the best of resorts. Both singles and couples, young and old, can enjoy this unique getaway.

The six day seven night program of the (beginning on Saturday) is designed to lead you to recover health through healing both the mind and body together. The spa resort is staffed with friendly, medically trained professionals to assist and advise patrons as well as to provide the luxury services.

The dining services provide food that detoxify the body and promote healthy weight loss and well being. Multiple therapies and treatments are offered, including beauty treatments, and massages. A variety of exercise programs are offered to enhance circulation, fitness, balance, and well being. Guests can enjoy the gym, complete with personal trainers, as well as the swimming pool, sauna, and steam baths. A special Hydro-Biontology form of treatment uses water, oils, and plant extracts to heal the body while giving tone and firmness to the skin.

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Each of the several aspects of the program is designed to work together to detoxify the body, ridding it of toxins that cause aging and produce stress. Many problems that are caused by stress will be relieved and aging prevented. Excess weight can also be lost through the exercise programs and specialized diet program.

The medical personnel monitor each guest during the length of their stay to ensure that they are given service fitted to their specific needs. Several different programs are offered to specifically suit the need of each guest. Among them is the “Comprehensice Programme Henri Chenot,” which focuses on detoxification; the “Slimming Programme,” to help the guest lose extra weight and rid himself of the fat that is often cause to other health problems; and the “Dominique Chenot Wellbeing Programmes,” specializing in increasing vitality and energy while regaining a higher level of fitness. Programs can also be customized to fit each individual’s specific needs and desires.

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