is it a legitimate site? We Investigated it

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Richard K is it a legitimate site? We Investigated it

Do you think of joining However, you are unsure whether it’s a legitimate site. We are aware of your concerns, which is why we decided to research the most popular online survey site. In this blog, we take to explore the details of Cashloot org to find out about is it legitimate or a scam, so that you can make an informed choice prior to joining. Let’s begin our investigation to determine whether Cashloot is a genuine site.

About offers a rewards online program which gives users the chance to earn rewards and cash by completing various tasks. The website rewards users with points that can be exchanged into gift cards or cash. The tasks include taking surveys or watching videos, participating in games, and much more. It’s free to sign-up and begin earning money by using Cashloot. is it a legitimate site? has become the focus of many debates about its legitimacy, with many questioning whether is legitimate. After conducting our own research and scrutinizing reviews by customers, we are able to affirm we believe that Cashloot cannot be considered a genuine site.

Many reviews have stated that users had difficulty withdrawing their winnings, while some reported that they were unable to withdraw their winnings in any way. This suggests that the site might not be trustworthy and could be a fraud.

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In addition, customer support is not as good which has left some customers unhappy. Based upon Cashloot feedback and the results of our analysis it seems there is a possibility that Cashloot does not appear to be a genuine website. Reviews

Based on evaluations, the site has received mixed reviews from its users. Many have reported it easy to earn money from the site but others have had problems obtaining their money.

If you look at the review, you’ll see that a majority of critiques are negative. A lot of users complain that they’ve been not able to earn money from the site and haven’t been paid the money they were promised.

Although this doesn’t suggest that the site is fraudulent, however, it is a sign that the users haven’t had a pleasant experience using the site.

And almost got Reviews of 1.6 stars according to Trustpilot reviews


Based on the exhaustive studies we’ve conducted, we can affirm that Cashloot is not a legitimate site. There are a lot of reviews that highlight the illegal activities that are that is associated with the platform as well as the lack of transparency.

It’s an untruth, and customers should be wary when looking at this as an investment option. In addition, many Cashloot reviews have highlighted low or no payouts or customer service.

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The website also isn’t updated with customer service contact details, which makes dispute resolution extremely difficult. Customers have also complained of losing all their money when they invested in Cashloot’s services. A number of forums online have been alerted to these problems, with some even telling users to avoid Cashloot entirely.

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