A Guide to Winning Big at WordBrain Holiday Event 2022

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A Guide to Winning Big at WordBrain Holiday Event 2022

Are you ready to take your WordBrain skills to the next level this holiday season? Look no further! The annual WordBrain Holiday Event 2022 is back and it’s time to gear up for some serious puzzle-solving action. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our comprehensive guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to dominate this year’s challenge. From strategic planning to mastering new word patterns, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to win big at WordBrain’s Holiday Event 2022. Get ready to put your brainpower into overdrive!

What is WordBrain Holiday Event 2022?

WordBrain is celebrating the holidays with a special event! From now until December 24th, you can win big by playing our classic word games. Every day we’ll be awarding prizes to the top players, so make sure to log in and play! Here’s what you can expect during this special time:

  • daily rewards for the top players
  • exciting new game modes and features
  • more chances to win big

How to Play WordBrain Holiday Event 2022?WordBrain Holiday Event 2022

WordBrain is a type of word game that players can play for free on the website. The game has a holiday event that runs from now until December 31st and offers rewards for winning games.

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To participate in the holiday event, players must first sign up for an account on WordBrain. Once they have registered, they will need to click on the “Event” tab in the main menu. From here, they can see information about the holiday event, as well as find links to information about how to play the game and win rewards.

To start playing, players will need to select a board game from the selection of options available. After choosing a game, they will be prompted to choose their difficulty level. Players can choose between Easy (for beginners), Medium (for average gamers), or Hard (for experienced players).

Once players have chosen their difficulty level and board game, they will be ready to begin playing! To play a game of WordBrain holiday event 2022, users will first need to select cards from their hands based on the letters shown on the board. The goal of the game is to make words with all of your letters by moving them around the board and combining them with other letters already on the board.

To make words, users will use any combination of letters from their deck that forms a valid word no spaces are allowed! When users complete a word, they will place it at the bottom of their stack automatically. If at any time a player

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Rewards for Winning at WordBrain Holiday Event 2022!

If you’re looking to rack up some rewards for your holiday triumphs at WordBrain, we have just the thing! Here are all the ways to get some sweet loot:

  • Complete daily challenges and earn badges!
  • Submit correct answers to Daily Quests and win coins and other rewards!
  • Participate in our Holiday Sweepstakes and win prizes!
  • Score points for correct answers to Weekly Quests and gain exclusive access to extra bonus rounds!

And don’t forget about our Daily Boosts – these offer a little extra help in getting those high scores. There’s plenty of incentive to keep playing, so get started today, and good luck on your way to a victorious holiday season!


If you’re looking to score some big wins at the WordBrain holiday event in 2022, read on for our guide on how to dominate the competition. From learning the best strategies for boosting your chances of winning, to understanding what makes a winning entry, we’ve got everything you need to take home the win! Don’t miss out – enter now and start building your legacy as one of WordBrain’s top victors!

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